MAggPI is a nonprofit organization that develops and supports new technology to improve healthcare and medical education in underserved areas.

Pathologists are critical for the accurate diagnosis of many diseases, and there exists a critical shortage of trained pathologists in many parts of the world.  One of the most important aspects in gaining mastery in the pathologic diagnosis of disease is the opportunity to view many examples of normal and diseased tissue on diagnostic-quality microscopic slides.  Because slides of tissue are fragile and valuable, doctors wanting to learn pathology would be forced to train in hospitals with large numbers of surgical procedures and diverse patient populations.  Gaining sufficient exposure to rare entities was and is still difficult to do, even in large hospital settings.  Moreover, the quality of pathologist training is highly dependent upon the experience and expertise of the trainers at these institutions.

To address the challenges of providing widespread exposure to high-quality pathological images for training, MAggPI is creating a growing collection of pathologist-curated digital images. Our archive of annotatable, high-resolution digitized whole slide images will be freely available to enable universal access to this body of knowledge.  The user-friendly web-based image display technology will enable the training and testing of people across the world.  By removing the barriers for information distribution, MAggPI will improve the educational experience of pathologists in training as well as provide the opportunity for non-pathologists in pathologist-limited regions of the world to gain expertise in recognizing and classifying disease.



Magpies are birds of the crow (corvid) family. Magpies are highly intelligent animals that show social understanding and demonstrate a high degree of object permanence (the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed in any way), similar to that of humans. Magpies are curious and are the only known non-mammalian animals that can recognize themselves in mirrors. In mythology, the magpie is described as being a collector of interesting and novel objects.