Opening Pathology to the World

MAggPI is a nonprofit company that develops and supports technology to improve healthcare and medical education worldwide.

Our Vision

Pathologists are essential for the diagnosis of disease, but there is a worldwide shortage of trained pathologists. Training of pathologists first and foremost requires exposure to numerous examples of high-quality, expert-curated images of normal and diseased tissue. Find out how we are leveraging advances in open-source software, digital imaging, and web-content delivery to create a "Massive Aggregation of Pathology Information" to provide access to diagnostic-quality, pathologist-annotated whole-slide images of normal and pathologic entities.

Our Services

In addition to expert-curated medical content, MAggPI provides design, installation, and support for your digital pathology needs. Contact us for how we can work with you. MAggPI is a nonprofit company; all surplus revenue will go towards expanding the MAggPI archives and supporting the improvement of pathology teaching worldwide.


Are you a Pathologist?  Contribute your images to the cause. MAggPI will accept your whole slide images in any format and convert them into a zoomable, annotatable format and include them into the archives for teaching, collaboration, and consultation.